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Saint Mark’s School was founded in 1960 by a group of dedicated members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. These parish members were parents who aspired to provide their children with a quality education within a diverse and welcoming community.  Today, Saint Mark’s School continues to adhere to the guiding principles of academic excellence, virtue of character, respect for diversity, and spiritual growth. 

Our students thrive at Saint Mark’s because many generations of parents, grandparents, and alumni ensured with their philanthropic giving that we could develop outstanding academic programs, have state-of-the-art technology and equipment, recruit exceptionally talented faculty and staff, and develop extraordinary facilities to meet the changing needs of our school.

As a community, every family pays it backward through its gifts to thank those who came before them and pays it forward so that future generations of students will have the same opportunities to experience the breadth and fullness of a Saint Mark’s education as their own children. Our grandparents, alumni, friends and neighbors who contribute also play a part in ensuring that Saint Mark’s is able to provide a nurturing environment for every child.

The culture of philanthropy at Saint Mark’s ensures that the school can sustain itself and continually enhance its programs.

The years children spend at Saint Mark’s are the most formative of their lives. We must do everything we can during these primary years to ensure that our students go on to middle school, high school, college, and their professional careers with the thirst for knowledge, foundational skills, and self-confidence to succeed. -Jennifer Tolbert, Head of School


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