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Our Community

One of the first words to come to mind when describing Saint Mark’s is community.  The welcoming, diverse, tight-knit, and nurturing community has always been a hallmark of the school. The Saint Mark’s Community is a far-reaching web consisting of students, families, teachers, staff, and church parishioners.

This sense of community and responsibility to its members is grown and fostered through the myriad of events and activities that take place throughout the year that bring the community together.

Back-to-School Picnic

Each September, school families along with faculty and staff, gather to mark the beginning of the new school year and share stories of summer adventures.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to welcome all the new families to the school.

Halloween Festivities

Preschoolers kick-off the fun by marching along their parade route in the morning. 
On the other side of campus, Fifth Graders begin building their haunted houses.  In the afternoon, Third, Fourth, and Sixth Graders bravely pass through.  Then, it’s time to change into costumes for the elementary school parade.  Parents line the route while students, teachers, staff, and even a few parents display their costumes.

Winter Fair

A festive event that brings the school, church, and neighboring communities together.  The school parking lot is transformed into a scenic backdrop for an afternoon of festivities including games, arts and crafts, retail booths, and food. 

Christmas Program

The Saint Mark’s Community gathers to enjoy music from the school orchestra and carols being sung by the Preschool through Grade Six classes. 

Talent Show

From solos to group ensembles, to comedy routines, to ethnic dances, the many talents of Saint Mark’s students are on full display.

Community Coffee

The school year is officially kicked-off each year with the Welcome Coffee.  Then, montly community coffees serve as a gathering place for parents.

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